Steffy is a 100% Lebanese based women’s wear and accessories brand founded in 2017 by designer Steffy Gemayel. The brand was created as a link between Steffy and her mom, Janine G who is a conceptual collage artist. Passionate by her mother’s work, Steffy wanted to create a product that could bring together both their talents using her mother’s art as the base. 

Steffy is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail with a sense of authenticity. Each piece is inspired by art combined with custom fabrics and details. This sense of detail comes from Steffy’s experience in jewellery as a designer and gemologist. Inspired by the cities she has lived in – London, Florence and Beirut – her pieces are a combination of influences from the various cultures she has been exposed to.

With the events that occurred in 2020, the Steffy brand needed to be reinvented in order to strive in this challenging context while staying true to the brand identity of ”wearable art”.

Steffy decided to shift to an eco-friendly brand with a new line of products that are handmade by her and her mom, Janine G, using recycled cotton and up cycled exclusively printed fabric.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Steffy and her mom started learning crochet and the passion started to grow day by day.  From that came the first crochet bag launched during spring 2020 that was met with success and growing demand.

The brand also expanded its product offering and now includes bespoke evening cocktail dresses crafted from luxurious fabrics and details with a unique Janine G print that lets you stand out from a crowd.

Steffy’s items are an experience, not just an outfit. Up for it?