Janine G is a collage artist based in Beirut.

Her artwork is based on recycled images from the fashion magazines’ collection she built over the years.  

Collage after collage, she established her own creative process by collecting images, assembling them, sticking them to the background and mixing textures in order to reinvent an image. 

She uses many platforms to create her collage (glossy canvas, high quality paper, Dibond…). 

Each collage is unique as Janine manually puts together fragments of images she handpicked according to an ambiance she established. 

Sensitive and intuitive, Janine G, translates the world she sees into her own visual language, to tell you a story.

In other words, Janine G, invites you to travel through her imaginary mind.

Her artwork is presently displayed at the Schizzo Gallery in Beirut.